Centennial LeTour de France – 29 June 2013

Celebrate the 100th running of Le Tour de France 2013 with a ride from Port Botany to La Perouse.  Subscribe for news.

STAGES in the opening of Le Tour de France

La Corse


Saturday 29th june

Porto-Vecchio > Bastia : 200 km

The start of the 100th edition of the Tour de France will take place on the port of Porto-Vecchio. The peloton will head to the south of the island to the outskirts of Bonifacio and after passing through Porto-Vecchio again, it will go north on the east coast road which leads to Bastia.
This stage will be on flat ground without any major difficulties. Before they embark on the final stretch, the riders may have time to glance at the Roman remains of Mariana. The finish line will be marked out on the lagoon road, along the Lake Biguglia Nature Reserve.

2nd stage

Sunday 30th june

Bastia > Ajaccio : 155 km

The magnificent Place Saint-Nicolas, one of the biggest squares in Europe, will be the setting for the start of the 2nd stage. The riders will then pass in front of Furiani Stadium, the Mecca of Corsican football, and head south again. Things will start to get more complicated after Corte, on the steep roads in the centre of the island. The Cols de Bellagranajo (723 m), de la Serra (807 m) and de Vizzavona (1,163 m) will have to be climbed in particular, without forgetting the ascent of the steep slope of Monte Salario, ten kilometres from the finish. It will be judged on the headland of La Parata, with the majestic scenery of the Îles Sanguinaires as a backdrop.


Monday 1st July

Ajaccio > Calvi : 145 km

The third act of the “Grand Départ” (Official Race Start) in Corsica will unfold on the Place Moit, beside the beach and the Mediterranean Sea.
The peloton will then go along the west coast of the island and head north on the winding roads which cross, in particular, the magnificent creeks of Piana, a listed UNESCO World Heritage site. Like the day before, hilly landscapes will also be featured on the route, with the Col de San Bastiano (415 m) at kilometre fifteen, and then further on, the Cols de Lava (498 m), de Palmarella (374 m) and de Marsolino (443 m). The finish of the stage will take place on the road from Calenzana to Calvi.

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